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Asus A2000G Laptop Battery:

Price per Unit (piece): Rs 3 800.64
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Technical Details:

This ASUS A2000G Battery is specifically designed to work with your ASUS A2000G Laptop.The feature of ASUS A2000G Ac Adapter is the latest technology, the highest quality , and meet or exceed OEM specifications. ASUS adapter A2000G is designed to power your laptop computer in the most efficent manner possible. All ASUS rechargeble battery pack A2000G comes with one-year limited warranty.

Description of replacement laptop battery ASUS A2000G

High quality and rechargeable ( between 400 to 600 charge-discharge cycle).
Replacement OEM battery A2000G,100% compatible with the OEM ASUS A2000G Battery.
Uses the highest quality graded and sorted cells(Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, BAK).
No memory effect with li-thium ASUS A2000G Battery.
Undergone comprehensive quality testing throughout the manufacturing and assembly process.
A 12-month free replacement warranty for manufacturer's defects.

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ASUS Battery:

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